• ABOUT Socorro

Socorro Cisneros was born in Los Angeles, growing up in the South Central and East Los Angeles neighborhoods. After high school Socorro attended East Los Angeles College as a single mother. It was here that she became involved with MECHA activities that eventually led her to join Cesar Chavez and the United Farm workers 2nd boycott of Grapes in the early 90’s.

For the next 24 years she worked for the Los Angeles Public transportation company. While she was working full time, she was able to earn a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management.

Throughout the years she never forgot the United Farm Workers and the struggle for fair working conditions, and became heavily involved in Labor Union activities helping fellow workers. She earned a degree in Labor Studies and began her involvement with other Unions preparing for hearings, negotiating contracts, interpreting contract language, congressional lobbying for safety standards, organizing election campaigns and as an official observer of election processes.

In addition, she served her community as an advocate for parents with special needs children. She helped prepare IEPs and negotiated on behalf of parents with school officials.

After relocating to the High Desert area and taking residence in Phelan, California, she again found herself defending those who cannot defend themselves. She led a group of home owners against the establishment of an industrial sized solar farm in a residential neighborhood.